Blog # 4 Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution

I found this video to be very amusing. I like how the old timer talks about Bloomberg’s strange position and how he doesn’t want to come off like Mubarak.  When in reality he does come off like a Middle Eastern leader. In a previous video he talks about how protesters can protest as long as they don t break the laws. To me that comes off as saying “do things my way or keep your mouth shut”.  Protesters should be able to say what they want to say without getting beaten up.  I think the woman who says “the only way that people like us with no power and no money can at least try to change things is through social pressure” has a point. In a weird way it’s pretty much asking how is someone who is backed against a wall supposed to defend themselves. She also goes on to talk about people who are comfortable in their houses with food don’t make the effort to demand their rights. I found this interesting because those people might be afraid to lose that comfort when it’s all they have. Some people are just not willing to risk it. In a weird way I feel like that’s the police.  One of the protester’s sign read “hey NYPD the bankers are stealing from you too”, it’s against the law for police officers to protest and if they do they lose their jobs and any type of security they have for their families. I’m sure the police know that their also being taking advantage of  and that could be part of the reason they have a reputation of being corrupt.


2 responses to “Blog # 4 Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution

  1. I like the points the blogger made about it not being right that police officers can’t protest;although I do see the functionality of it. It’s hard enough to keep a group of people ” in line” let alone have your co-workers be a part I that group. Also I think a lot is to be said about civil disobedience. Gandhi protested peacefully, even Malcolm X remained somewhat peaceful to a point. Breaking laws is the easiest way to have your point misconstrued and forgotten in a swift move from the media.

  2. Police officers are also individuals part of our society but, even if they were allowed to protest I am not sure if they would. Police are trained to think and do what they are told- the opposite of what a protest is. By choosing to be a police officer you are choosing to accept the laws and abide by them. Yes they dont always do this but, I think they would be given a negative stigma if they tried whether it was legal or not.

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