Blog #6 Zizek on Occupy

After reading Zizek’s article on ‘Occupy Wall Street: what is to be done next?’ it became clear that history really does tend to repeat itself as Marxist theories come back full circle to rear its head and point that class struggle will always be prevalent until a change is found that will end class struggle. The issue that Zizek argues is that its not the people in particular who are causing the corruption and the separation between the 1% and the 99%, but it is the political, economic, and social structure that causes individuals to become corrupt. Zizek also states that the change that is needed is unknown as the people that are part of Occupy are unsure of what needs to happen in order for corruption to end and Marxist class struggles to finally be put to an end, and for this reason the people that are Occupy must be given the ink in order to figure out what change is needed.


One response to “Blog #6 Zizek on Occupy

  1. It is such a true statement. History really does tend to repeat itself.

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