London riots and mob mentality

When looking for the cause of London riots many explanations have been offered . Among them were explanations based on race , inequality , misrepresentations , and lack of community voice . However i feel like , in this case a mob mentality was responsible for 90 percent of the unrest . A study by Steven Reicher demonstrated how people who gather in large groups behave . Crowd events tend to be mixed events with some people who do intend to be violent and some who don’t,” Reicher told Scientific American. “The response of authorities is to see the group as a whole as dangerous. At that point, precisely those people not originally violent have the experience of being treated with hostility and often physical force . Under those circumstances, they see the police as illegitimate and violence escalates. So perhaps London police mishandled the situation by being overly aggresive , and perhaps London riots wouldnt have taken place if police used better judgement


3 responses to “London riots and mob mentality

  1. alexandrazayas1

    I agree with what you are saying because power becomes more and more prominent in numbers. It is somewhat of a monkey see monkey do effect. In the video one person would pick up a garbage can and then the next person would do the same. They were also appearing to ‘one up’ eachother on who can cause the most damage. These were strangers all coming together and as said in class, although their end result may be similar or maybe even very similar, motives and what pushed these people to completely rebel range on a very broad spectrum.

  2. I agree that the mob mentality was one of the big causes for the riots. It didn’t matter who attacked first and drew first blood. The protesters were there for equal rights and justice and in return they were attacked by the Police and that made them even more angry. Hate only breeds hate, and both sides were looking to take their anger out on someone.

  3. I feel that police escalated the situation by becoming violent when it didnt have to come to that. When police grew in numbers so did the protesters. At some point the police were even afraid of the protesters and backing up from them. I did find it kind of funny seeing them wearing all that heavy gear and backing up from a gang of regular people holding rocks. At the same time alot of these so called protesters were actually opportunists and stole items and destroyed things I dont think all of that was necessary to protest and that is when police actually should have intervened most.

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