Zizek’s OWS: What’s to Be Done Next

In Zizek’s article, OWS What’s to Be Done Next, he explains that corruption and greed is not the actual problem, but the problem is our system that persuades society to be corrupt. Zizek even goes on to quote, “The present crisis is not crisis of capitalism but the crisis of morality.” His point definitely holds true. Capitalism is part of the issue, however, not the entire issue. The system of how our capitalist economy works is the real issue at hand. Zizek points out that the major flaw in these occupy movements is the rage powering them. He also suggests that we should attempt to “rebel” in the sense of rejecting cultural goals and institutional means, and instead substitute new goals and standards for our economy. Zizek says, “it is not enough to reject the depoliticized expert rule as the most ruthless form of ideology; one should also begin to think seriously about what to propose instead of the predominant economic organization, to imagine and experiment with alternate forms of organization, to search for the germs of the New.” This piece of Zizek’s writing on OWS closely relates to Merton’s Adaptation to Anomie. Zizek concludes by suggesting that we as a society believe we are free because we are unable to communicate exactly why it is that we feel unfree.


One response to “Zizek’s OWS: What’s to Be Done Next

  1. In the article Zizek is explaining that society is corrupted because of the persuasion, and that it’s not the actual problem. Capitalism is part of this problem but we can not sit here and say it is all because of it. He says that the economy and its capitalistic ways is real issue. It is sad to say that some have lost sight on the actual meaning of this protest, people thinking it something fun that helps past time when there is a serious issue. He says the people must be aware of the so call supporters that claim to be here to stand for the things some are fighting for because they will be the ones to fade this protest away.
    How without the red ink which I took it as without confirmation we the people have nothing, just living with false beliefs

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