2: Double Consciousness

W.E.B. Dubois was an American sociologist and civil rights leader that brought upon new ideas on how the African American population should go about improving the status of their race in society. Dubois’ mainly wrote about blacks and the barriers that they typically face because of their skin color, and how the white population sees them negatively because of it. In the “Souls of Black Folk”, Dubois spoke about how blacks face this double consciousness from society everyday, making their lives very hard. This double consciousness allows blacks to see through their own eyes the way they are wrongly treated, while also seeing how the white population looks at them. Dubois says that it is both a gift and a curse because they can live their lives through their eyes but also through others as well.

After reading the two pieces from Dubois I was able to see how our country has gone a long way. Although their is some racism in society it is not at the same level at it was 50 years ago. I believe that African Americans do not feel double consciousness as much because they have been able to become a big part in our society. Dubois was a great thinker as his beliefs were able to encourage blacks to improve in every way.


2 responses to “2: Double Consciousness

  1. He blogger is right in saying we have come a long way as far as equality and rights for races. however it’s important to remember That racism and sexism is ingrained very deeply in American culture. And I can’t think of a better example of double consciousness than a successful black man. Is he still black? He’s never fully embraced in his company because of his color, it will always be an issue for him, yet he’s reached the pay grade of a white man. No longer accepted by either race what can he do?

  2. aquinoangeline

    Also, a good example of double consciousness is the the ability of Black American kids to code switch from “Black English” to “White English.” This ability depicts a black American kid’s awareness of the Black culture, norms, language and life and at the same time, he positions himself into the “white culture” by assimilating to its cultural norms and languages at the same time. however as what Du Bois significantly points out, this always brings about this confusion and internal conflict of being Black and being white simultaneously in an individual.

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