3: Chavs

After learning about “Chavs”, I was able to see how the population in the UK sees its lowest class in a very negative way. Chavs are pointed out as wearing street attire along with designer brands as well, something that they do to keep their street roots.  In the United States we do not look at the working class in this way because they work very hard to earn a living and are not lazy at all. The UK should stop treating people this way due to them dressing a particular way because it can cause this group to feel social isolation and rejection. Lady Sovereign in the video gets labeled as a chad a lot and says she does not get bothered by it. However I truly believe as it does bother her because it is a label that is meant to bring people down.

The closest thing to chavs in the US is that of guidos. Guidos were made famous because of the “Jersey Shore” show, and are often put down due to the way they look, behave, and tan. Guidos are often labeled as white trash, and it is funny to me that the Jersey Shore cast likes to be referred as Guidos. It is always wrong to stereotype people and should not be done.


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