Occupy Wall Street: the story behind seven months of protest — the Guardian

This video shows the world what Occupy is all about. It explains the arrests and shows how the media is affected; Bloomberg as the video shows says people want to “express” themselves. Meanwhile their expressions are being violently attacked in Oakland and pepper sprays on innocent people. They fight back by stereotyping the individuals as dirty but, unlike other protest Occupy is not a one day protest, this shows 7 months and 7,000 arrests for Occupy Wall street. This movement could awaken America and the world.

In Nobody Can Predict a Revolution, the speaker of the video eloquently speaks up about how he does not see a fair government, he does not see democracy, the rich just getting richer and the 99% not helped. Attacking Occupy is just a way to show how governments are physically violent and won’t help instead portray Occupy in a negative way.  Yahoo tried blocking the media e-mails which equally shows how the government is in fact not protecting us but, in fact protecting themselves. When people are actively showing they are not happy, in an economy that is falling apart it leads to the conclusion that something must change in the society. Throughout the world, capital is not evenly distributed. In fact even in movies that are not meant to provoke propaganda do, society lets stereotypes and values and ideal that doesn’t make sense and are out of date to excuse why there is a bourgeoisie like corporate America. These individuals realize that society is not fair, they are not against anything, and they are formulating a plan to enlighten others. I agree with them as I try to inform people of chem. trails, unfair justice system that is not in fact based on justice, a hoax freedom, police officers with too much authority, and the problems of the distribution of wealth. Why should people be allowed to be greedy when the ones underneath them are the reason for their survival?  It is time for America to wake up to google Oakland Occupy violence, to understand that we need a reform, that freedom really can exist but, it cannot in our capitalistic greedy society.


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  1. When discussing the aims of OWS, many people have criticized protestors for being disorganized and unclear as so to what they are trying to achieve. However, the beauty of their vague and ambiguous goals enables people struggling with all types of situation to become part of the protest. Although the protest has taken its blows and been dismembered over the past few months, it still invites people with all types of issues to come and demand their rights be met. Whether it be a relief in taxes, more job availability, less expensive college tuition, OWS has become a media by which the 99% can have their voices heard.

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