Blog 4: Double Consciousness

W. E. B DuBois discussed the theory of double consciousness.  He said that double consciousness manifests itself in the stereotypes held by white people of people of color, the racism that makes it hard for African Americans to fully be a part of mainstream society, and to juggle the roles of being both African and American.  My favorite example of this is a twitter account called “Successful Black Man” throughout his tweets are hilarious tweets about being both stereotypically black and a successful business man.

“I’m in and out of jail all the time…teaching business classes to inmates.”

“Let’s shoot up …those 4th quarter profits in order to please our shareholders.”

“If you run, I will shoot you …an email with advice on how to properly conduct your first election campaign.”

“Imma cut you …some slack Trevor, it’s been a very busy week here at the office.”!/SuccessAndBlack




2 responses to “Blog 4: Double Consciousness

  1. I find the tweets to be very appropriate in showing double counsciousness. Stereotypes in general are usually not correct and this confirms it. It is hard to perform the stereotype society gives us especially when it is negative.

  2. Awesome – Double Consciousness Tweets! Great find, K.

    Some of his latest:

    I just bought a pound of weed …killer to keep my lawn in ordinance with my subdivision.

    I left my wife and kids …a healthy breakfast before I left for work this morning.

    I keep getting arrested …development recommended to me on Netflix.

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