Blog #4: Occupy Oakland

This video depicts a police officer deliberately aiming his teargas canister to the face of a Iraq War Veteran and protester Scott Olsen. Once fellow protesters rush to the aid of Olsen the officer tosses a flashbang in the middle of the group. An investigation was launched but to no surprise, the police officers actions were justified and no disciplinary actions were taken. People say that police officers are just doing their jobs in controlling the protesters from getting out of hand but far too many officers are responding with excessive force. Scott Olsen is a marine who served two tours of duty and managed to avoid injury. He returns home to the country he put is life on the line to protect and then he gets his skull fractured by an officer who deliberately targeted his head with the teargas canister. As if the officers actions were not despicable enough, the officers throws a flashbang at the protesters attempting to help the fallen protester and further delaying the proper aid and hospital treatment. Police should still arrest those individuals who are aggressive or trying to incite a riot etc, but the vast majority of protesters are peaceful and are voicing their frustrations on matter that equally effect the police and their families. Protests tend to get out of control when a police officer uses excessive force in an attempt to break apart the demonstrations or in making an arrest and the protestors frustrations turn into anger from the injustice occurring right before their eyes. I feel is it only a matter of time the tension between police and civilians boils over and cities in America will look like London, Greece, Tunisia, etc.


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