5-Inside Job

The film “Inside Job” allowed not only myself, but our whole class the ability to see how our country almost went into a HUGE crisis in the year 2008. The film was great as it gave us a history lesson on how things happened, and why they did. You got to see how the huge CEO’s of large investment banks were able to make extremely poor decisions which led to the fall of their companies. The CEO’s of Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers tried made poor decisions mainly due to the fact that they wanted to make large amounts of profit. They saw this opportunity of making money and went for it. These executives however were not worried that their decisions could cost their companies millions of dollars since it was their company’s money and not their own. This idea is called moral hazard as it allows people to make reckless decisions without having to pay the price with their own money.

The documentary film was great, I had to go back to the film at home to truly understand again what really happened. It is sad to see how a few individuals would want to make so much money at the expense of others. Without a doubt though it was the best documentary film i have seen.


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