6-The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman told a story about a woman who was sick and was taken care of her husband who was a doctor. The fact that her husband was a doctor gave him almost full control because not only was he the head of the household, but he was also in control of her health. He constantly reminded her that she could not do many physical activities and that in order for her to feel better she needed to only have rest inside of the house. This made the narrator in the story go crazy because she was only in her home, which made her sickness even worse. The worst part was that she kept looking at the yellow wallpaper in her him and seeing a woman “trapped” inside of it.

The author in my opinion was showing that at times people need to do what is in their best interest, especially if they feel like they are sick and helpless. This story showed how men are dominant in society, especially if they hold high social positions such as being a doctor.


One response to “6-The Yellow Wallpaper

  1. “The Yellow Wallpaper” did not achieve canonical status by “showing that people need to do what is in their best interest.” Gilman’s work stands out precisely because it deconstructs such platitudes, exposing their insensitivity to *gender inequality*. Yes, it’s directed at those who feel “sick and helpless,” but not people in general. A gender theorist, Gilman is concerned with *women* who feel sick and helpless and she wants to understand why. Gilman blames *patriarchy*, challenging the “gendered” conventional wisdom that women are naturally frail and emotionally unstable.

    You’ve got the narrative right, but it’s important to extract the theoretical insights.

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