Blog2: Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”

In the era that Charlotte Gilman was raised in a time period of “women’s oppression/suffrage.” “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a story about her and how she coped with oppression that was geared towards her, also the effect gender inequality. The constraints that her husband puts against her by him being a more dominant figure and he had total control over his wife. As a result her character was  portrayed  to be immature, child-like, and naive.  She suffered from post-partum depression which back then was considered nothing back then and the only resolution was a “rest cure.” It was considered an ailment.

It was through her writing and keeping journals,  she found refuge but her husband and other family members did not allow  her to do anything, which drove her to a mental breakdown. It is obvious she is creative and intelligent, but her more educated, higher status of the household husband had put her in confinement and removed her outlets of writing, moving and living. As a caucasian mother/wife with a well educated husband and a comfortable lifestyle, she is considered not only fragile but weak. There is no need to use her mind or body, especially if she is “sick”. In the end, she eventually defies her husband by “creeping” over him…


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