Blog: 1 Marx on alienation and capitalism

Marx’s talks about capitalism and how it affects alienation and individuals in general. Alienation is based on things like having no control in your work environment. by having no control marx’s theory behind alienation is that individuals are not able to control their work environment for example things like the hours they work, the products they produce and control over having relationships with other individuals. Marx’s theory on alienation is basically that people are treated as robots in society.Marx’s out look on alienation and capitalism starts with the bourgeoisie which is the upper class that have full access and control over the proletariat which is the lower working class. the upper class depends on the lower class to help their businesses expand and become established. Marx’s point is without the bourgeoisie the proletariat is nothing. the upper class depends on the lower class to help them build their companies. my personal understanding of alienation is something that we as the working class experience on a daily basis. The working class has no say in anything they do for a living. They constantly work to improve some one elses business. my example is that I work as a receptionist in a doctor’s office, this is not what I want to do for as living but I have to work hard to help the lives of other people who are in pain to make money to be able to survive and pay bills. I have to help the doctors I work for as well as the rest of my co-workers and patients. I am using this as an example of alienation because this society runs on money and although working in a doctor’s office is not what I plan on doing for my career I still have no say in what I do and where I work because I need money to live. the way capitalism and alienation works is we has humans need to make money doing any type of job that pays the bills , untill I am able to make enough to survive and to improve my career and pursue a new job. being a college student is not easy, I feel alienation is a big factor in the lives of people in general but most of all college students that work and need to make money to make a living. I agree with Marx’s theory of capitalism and alienation this society. capitalism has a huge effect on the lives of people and also on the jobs that people do for a living, it has complete control over the amount of money people make for a living. this society is based around money and my opinion on Marx’s theory is that alienation is something that will be an issue in society and capitalism forever.


2 responses to “Blog: 1 Marx on alienation and capitalism

  1. Interestingly, the way the medical profession has been transformed (in terms of organization and ownership), many doctors today who work at “corporatized” health centers are themselves alienated (and exploited), lacking meaningful control over their work.

    In terms of who *ultimately* has the upper hand, which class, Marx would say it’s the proletariat because the bourgeoisie (owners) rely on workers not only to help their businesses expand, but just to produce anything at all (not to mention their role as consumers of those products).

  2. I agree that capitalism has a huge affect on placement of citizens in society in how we live our lives and on the jobs we noose or don’t choose to do on a daily basis. It is so sad to say that our society is revolved and based by money. It’s sad seeing that you have no voice in a low class society. But without them the upper class would be lost.

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