‘Terms and Conditions,’ Sept. 3 – Oct. 2, 2012

For 30 days, the artist wears 30 shirts displaying economic, political or social ‘terms and conditions.’ The selected language is used to acknowledge the principles which organize and structure our culture while little thought is given to their understanding or legitimacy, including the artist’s own.

By simply acknowledging that which cannot be conceptualized or communicated clearly, the landscape and those in it are challenged to consider the confusing and often contradictory notions that shape our lives and interactions.

As you can tell, this project explores themes from the course — ‘terms and conditions,’ the norms and expectations that shape public social interaction. The Opening Reception is tonight. If you’d like to attend — or participate — there’s more info on FaceBook.

Terms and Conditions
Sept. 3 – Oct. 2

Opening Reception
Friday, Sept. 7, 6-8 PM
The High Line, NYC



2 responses to “‘Terms and Conditions,’ Sept. 3 – Oct. 2, 2012

  1. rosemarieangeline

    Hi Professor, Can you take my email off of the list? Or Is there a way to stop getting emails from word press? I only ask because I graduated. Thank you! Rosemarie

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Hi Rosemarie – yikes! I had no idea. Apparently, removing last semester’s roster from the user list is not enough to stop the notifications. I’m looking around to see how I can stop them — I believe that by logging into WordPress.com (if you remember your password!) you can disable them. I’ll do what I can. Hope you’re well!

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