Critique of Bourgeois Ideology

The image below (via Anonymous Art of Revolution – on Facebook) may remind you of the scenes we watched from Fight Club.  Marx would describe them as critique of bourgeois ideology (which structures our values and expectations).  The particular critique of bourgeois conceptions of freedom (i.e., “Repeat After Me: I am Free”) echoes Marx’s attempt to call attention to the emptiness of bourgeois notions of freedom (e.g., “free trade,” “free labor”).

What else would you add to this list?

Here’s the full ten-minute mashup of Tyler Durden’s view on “consumer society and materialism” (from the film, “Fight Club”):


One response to “Critique of Bourgeois Ideology

  1. This image does remind me of the clips we saw from the movie ” fight club.”. It seems like we are robots in this society and we are programmed to grow up, get an education, then go out and get a job to support the family WE all should be having. Then the next generation grows up and we do the same thing as before. But we can not help ourself this is what society has shown us we have to do. This is a societal norm, people who deviate from this brainwashed view on how we are suppose to live in society are deviants.

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