Another failed experiment?

Marxists’ Apartment A Microcosm Of Why Marxism Doesn’t Work -The Onion

November 13, 2002. AMHERST, MA—The filthy, disorganized apartment shared by three members of the Amherst College Marxist Society is a microcosm of why the social and economic utopia described in the writings of Karl Marx will never come to fruition, sources reported Monday.
“The history of society is the inexorable history of class struggle,” said sixth-year undergraduate Kirk Dorff, 23, resting his feet on a coffee table cluttered with unpaid bills, crusted cereal bowls, and bongwater-stained socialist pamphlets. “The stage is set for the final struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, the true productive class. We’re well aware of that here at 514 W. Elm Street, unlike other apartments on this supposedly intellectual campus.”
Upon moving in together at the beginning of the fall 2001 semester, Dorff, Josh Foyle, and Tom Eaves sat down and devised an egalitarian system for harmonious living. Each individual roommate would be assigned a task, which he would be required to carry out on a predetermined day of the week. A bulletin board in the kitchen was chosen as the spot for household announcements, and to track reimbursements for common goods like toothpaste and toilet paper.
“We were creating an exciting new model for living,” said Dorff, stubbing his cigarette into an ashtray that had not been emptied in six days. “It was like we were dismantling the apparatus of the state right within our own living space.”…

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One response to “Another failed experiment?

  1. This experiment conducted by the three members of the Amherst College Marxist society proves how the structure of classes can fall apart when there is no bourgeoisie class to rule. At the beginning of the experiment each roommate had certain tasks assigned on a certain day and everyone was living in harmony, but after a while the system fell apart. There was no punishment for not completing tasks, so it was a free for all between the roommates and nothing would be accomplished.I agree with Donald Browning’s comment that ” a spirit of free-market competition in the house would likely result in better incomes or better grades”. When individuals don’t have a structured environment with boundaries, they choose to behave however they see fit. Roomates were hiding items and money from another and they weren’t contributing to the fullest extent.

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