Blog #1: Marx: Class consciousness

In the text book according to Marx he thought class consciousness is “an awareness on the part of the working class of its common relationship to the means of production. Marx believed that this awareness was a vital key for sparking a revolution that would create a “dictatorship of the proletariat,”… this one would be fought in the interests of the vast majority of the population and not for the benefit of a few as the particular class interests of the proletariat had come to represent the universal interests of humanity.”
This was a long quote but I feel that Marx was a fighter for the underdog, and in the society where he grew up in that was the working class. To be conscious of the massive class separation of the time was important and the working class who were not reaping the benefits of their work but the rich and upper class were of the majority of the population. If they were to up rise and start a revolution they probably could because of the numbers they possessed. If everyone went on a workers strike and the would be in today’s society 1% had to fend for themselves they would cave in because they have no idea what the workingman does. They might be the CEO’s of companies but the day-to-day people are the ones really running the company. The proletariats were “the business owners who are unable to compete successfully for a share of the market and find themselves joining the swelling ranks of property less wage earners.” The Bourgeoisie was the rich and wealthy who were the factory owners. These were the classes on the time period and I think that society is relatively the same today because you still have the rich and wealthy as the smallest part of the class pyramid and then you have middle class workers who hold a much larger chunk of the pyramid along with the poor. If there were to be a revolution I think the working class could definitely win but in order to do that you need to make a stand.


One response to “Blog #1: Marx: Class consciousness

  1. Excellent analysis, A. Your presentation and application of Marx’s class analysis is clear and persuasive.

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