Blog: 2 marx on class struggle and the bourgeoisie and proletrians

Marx talks about class struggle and how it influences each social class differently around the world. as marx would say and as we all know class struggle shapes history as it always has. As marx talks about his theory on class he focuses on the bourgeoisie and the proletarians. the bourgeois are amongst those that can live off there own money and work by choice not because they have to, they are considered the wealthy and the proletarians are the individuals that work because they have to, they do not have enough money nor do they have a choice, they are considers the lower class or the working class. Marx feels that capitalism plays into all of this because it forces secularization and materialism in society. he came up with something called the ” cold cash nexus” were things like religion , family, the nation and tradition are replaced with the  more expensive objects in life like the name brand things, or just the expensive things in general. i agree with marx in some ways because capitalism promotes globalization by the needs of constant businesses and marketing productions being created or expanded all over the world which causes the bourgeoisie all over the globe to spend more money and expand there companies to continue to stay rich.  according to marx the bourgeoisie normally doesn’t work for many people ,most individuals in that class work for themselves because there businesses are so established in life that they do not need to work for someone or take orders for anyone or even work hard labor to expand someone else’s business. the proletarians in my opinion normally work for the people in the bourgeoisie because they need the work and the money to live while the bourgeoisie needs the workers to work and has the money to pay out. i agree with marx’s theory on class struggle over all. i believe his theory of money relations because the working class works so much that everything in life becomes about money and things become more and more expensive. this situation is very true for the proletarians especially because they constantly work to make a living but the more they work and try to catch up with society the more the prices of things go up or theres just more to be dished out for other living conditions. there is always a crisis and always going to be a crisis with capitalism and the economy in this world because as time goes by things are not getting cheaper they are only getting more expensive and it is becoming harder for people to survive. marx is a realist and i feel that his theories and out looks on class struggle and everything that comes with it are completely true. i feel he sees the world from a clear perspective and his theories are based on reality. class struggle divides people in this world into separate groups. it causes so many different problems around the world. cities in different states are segregated and are all looked upon differently.  class is something that divides the world into different parts and it also is what shapes people into who they are which reflects back to what your born into.


2 responses to “Blog: 2 marx on class struggle and the bourgeoisie and proletrians

  1. Capitalism plays a major role in all of this because it forces secularization and materialism in society. For instance the poor just get poorer where they can not afford to send their children to school and provide them with the proper materials needed to recieve the proper education. The richer just keep getting richer where they can even hirer in house teachers to home school there children because they have the funds available like that, while other people struggle out here to just get by on most occusaions. This world is divided into groups because of this.

  2. Great post, S — it does a nice job weaving together theoretical claims from different texts and empirical observations of contemporary economic conditions.

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