A Simple Solution to the Public Schools Crisis?

An article in Gawker proposes a simple solution to the public schools crisis:

Make Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama’s children go to public schools. From a purely strategic and practical standpoint, it would be much easier to resolve the schools crisis if the futures of America’s wealthiest and most powerful children were at stake. Wealthy people tend to lobby effectively for their interests, and if their interests were to include adequate public funding for the schools their children attend, and libraries, and air-conditioning, those goals could likely be achieved without having to resort to unpleasant things like teachers’ strikes….

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet once suggested something similar to school reformer Michelle Rhee, arguing that the easiest way to fix schools was to “make private schools illegal and assign every child to a public school by random lottery.”

What do you think?


4 responses to “A Simple Solution to the Public Schools Crisis?

  1. Personally I agree with the idea of closing down private schools. I think in a way it can degrade people . For example there are so many parents or kids who cant afford an private university education but that doesn’t make them any less smart. As a matter of face there are many brilliant minds out there who have been educated in public schools. Even the teachers all had the same education to become a educator so why is it that some make more money than others. I feel it is wrong that certain schools get funded in particular due to who’s child attends it. This is discriminating and by n means an equal opportunity for all. By allowing this we allow it to be okay to differentiate one another due to who can afford an education at a higher paid school than who cant. Same goes for the teachers why should some make more then others for teaching the same material.

  2. I don’t agree with the idea of banning private schools. The article states, a solution to the problem would be to “make Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama’s children go to public schools. From a purely strategic and practical standpoint, it would be much easier to resolve the schools crisis if the futures of America’s wealthiest and most powerful children were at stake”. Although I agree that if their children went to public schools they would be more invested in finding effective solutions to the issues, the safety of their children isn’t being taken into account. You can’t just close hundreds of schools and throw children who may be targets and at risk for danger into public schools. I also don’t think private schools should be banned because they’re a way of balancing society. There are always going to be people who have more money or are in different social classes than others. People are never going to be equal. This is just how the world is.

  3. I definitely do agree with banning private schools because I feel as though a child can always be shaped by the surrounding environment. People have the tendency emphasize the division between social classes by using educational institutions. The way in which schools are funded have been highly influenced by the wealthy donations they recieve. Individuals who are sent to private schools are usually the ones with more money, as opposed to public schools. By banning private schools we are setting equal standards for all children who are entitled to recieve education. Public education is usually always the one with limited resources. This should not be the case because eduaction is something that should be free for everyone. No burden and discrimination should affect anyone because they are different than others. Uniforms should be provided to all students as well. I believe that if we start educating the children in our society to grow up in equal learning environments, we will decrease the social differences that are in existence today.

  4. I think I would agree with banning private schools, because if the wealthy parents donate some of their money to public schools, even half of what they donate to their child’s school now then the public schools can have better technologies and books for the children and the teacher’s can actually focus on teaching the children instead of going out and striking. I believe that public schools have the best education for children, and they build more character. The wealth and the contacts to get into all the ivy league college’s and get good jobs will still be there for those children but now those once children now adults can actually realize all their wealth and possibly give back, and recognize the little man, (working/ average man). All those private schools only house the wealthiest children and they continue to grow up feeling entitled and full of greed, they can be manipulated to think the way their wealthy parents think. It is an never ending cycle, similar to poverty the difference is they don’t suffer from their misfortunes.

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