Blog# 3 Suicide/Durkheim

Durkheims beliefs in suicide were not personal decision. he tried to prove that suicide became a social act and an act of social structure. i listened and read the article on race. this was a bout the suicide rate in latinas. spanish women have the highest risk for teen pregnancy which leads them into high high school drop out rates. as i listened to this video a lot of this is based on the fact that the spanish families rely on there young daughters that are raised here in america to take on the adult role in the house hold. it was there responsibility under the age of 20 years old to clean, cook, carry children as a segregate and to help work to pay the bills in the house. i feel that Durkheims beliefs in suicide relate to this situation in latinas because it does become part of a social decision in suicide in this case. these young females take on a lot of responsibility especially at a young age and they become stressed and its hard to handle. Latinas also tend to have many children there population doesn’t consist mainly of just one child. so this causes more stress and aggravation on there lives. there is a stereo type in latinas that the most important thing to do is not to finish school its to take care of there mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, and then their own children if and when they have them. as i listened to this discussion on talk of the news there were many different studies that show, high depression, high drop out rates and pregnancy. Louis Ziaz spoke during this discussion of a high rate n suicide among spanish women and he stated that studies showed a lot of these young women around ages of 14 years old were taking pills to commit suicide because of a  boyfriend or  just because of sexuality this became a big reason why Latinas were becoming suicidal because they were not able to separate there own lives with there lives and responsibilities at home. durkheim studied suicide rates amongst communities as a whole and felt that at times the rates were stable. he felt that suicide was revolved around a social stand point in society. i feel that societies suicide rates today are amongst the same issues regarding social facts. a lot of kids commit suicide now a days because of society and there social groups because of bullying, teen pregnancy, drugs, and other social factors that take place in a society.


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