Blog #2: Suicide/Durkheim

The information that I have gathered from our discussions and notes given leads me to believe that the relationship between young female Latinas and suicide would definitely be categorized as egoistic suicide. The suicide of these young female Latinas clearly is directly related to an individual’s role in society. This specific group shows a lack of acceptance in any particular social group. The reasons for this are because of having the highest teen birthrate and second highest drop out rates. Add poverty into the equation and you can see how difficult it may be to be a young female Latina living in America Society. These poor girls are expected so much like how to maintain a routine and balance it between school, home (family life). The pressure and responsibility given to them at such a young age causes depression which in many cases leads to suicide. Durkheim has said that suicide depended on geographical, biological, and social factors. In the case of young female Latinas I believe only social factors relate. I fully understand now how Durkheim made us aware of what is going is going on in the world around us. 

       I found it interesting that the suicide rates were higher in women then in men. I really feel that something, anything needs to be done to help lower these rates of suicide for these young girls. They should be able to voice their opinion and what they feel is going on in society for them and how they feel. I really hope their parents become less oblivious as to what is going on with their child and what problems arise with them. 


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