Limited time offer: Post on Durkheim OR Marx by 10/3

To encourage you to join the online discussion, students have the opportunity to post on any themes or concepts from Durkheim or Marx (10/3, by midnight/11:59pm).  If you’ve already written blogs, just make sure to cover new ground in your post — comparisons/contrasts of Marx and Durkheim are especially encouraged.  To refresh your memory, here are their “key concepts”:

Durkheim: anomie, social facts, social solidarity, mechanical solidarity, organic solidarity, collective conscience, ritual, symbol, sacred and profane, collective representations

Marx: class, bourgeoisie, proletariat, forces of production, relations of production, capital, surplus value, alienation, labor theory of value, exploitation, class consciousness

Here’s some supplementary content related to the Durkheim and Marx texts:

* Audio (in-class): Thinking Allowed (BBC) on “Durkheim and Financial Collapse,” 10/8/2008. (30 min)

* Rec’d (audio): “Economic Crisis, Unemployment Take Emotional Toll,’ (Alix Spiegel) All Things Considered, NPR, 2/13/2009 (8 min).

* Rec’d (audio): “Why Are Young Latinas at Risk?,” Talk of the Nation, NPR, 8/29/2006.

* Rec’d (text): “Army of Altruists: On the Alienated Right to Do Good,” (D. Graeber) Harper’s, Jan. 2007.

* Rec’d (audio): Thinking Allowed (BBC Radio4) on “Alienation,” 8/30/2010 (30 min).

* Rec’d (text): “I, Capitalist (accounts from a life under the empire),” (T. Smith) Slingshot, Issue #109, 2012.   Note: This piece approaches the “problem” of capitalism in the form of a personal narrative — highly recommended!

* Rec’d (text): “Thirty More Years of Hell” (Connor Kilpatrick) Jacobin, 2/6/2012.  A “Millennial Manifesto”?

* Rec’d (video): “Communist Manifesto Teach-in @ Occupy Chi,” 10/16/2011 (7 min). A St. Xavier prof makes the case for the ongoing relevance of the Manifesto and situates the question of exploitation in today’s universities.

* Rec[d (video): “Thoroughly Modern Marx, Pt.1,” Real News Network interviews Leo Panitch, Professor of Political Science, York University on the revived interest in the theories of Marx.

* Rec’d (video): “Is Capitalism Doomed?,” Real News Network interviews Gerry Epstein, Co-Director, Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 8/19/2011 (9 min).


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