IWW Pyramid of Capitalism w/ Updated Graphics

I just saw this on Facebook  (posted by DCP – Transatlantic Hip Hop).  It’s yet another representation of the classic 1911 IWW pyramid of capitalism — yet this one goes “minimal” whereas the Crimethinc version we looked at earlier adds layers of contemporary detail to tell the story (Capitalism Is a
Pyramid Scheme).

How does this depiction of capitalism depart from Marx’s description?


3 responses to “IWW Pyramid of Capitalism w/ Updated Graphics

  1. This depiction isn’t exactly what Marx is talking about because he chooses to only represent two classes-the bourgoise and prolateriats. I think this image still shows one prolateriat class on the bottom of the pyramid. The other four classes are more like subgroups of the bouregiose. It’s kind of like the four different ways they have power over us. This image just shows that capitalism is a bit more complicated than Marx makes it seem.

  2. i do not feel that this depiction of capitalism represents marx’s point of view on capitalism. this image is based on mainly one class which is the bourgeoisie. Marx’s theory was based on two groups the bourgeoisie and the proletariats and here the only representation of the proletariats are at the bottom. i do agree with the fact the the image holds truth and meaning behind marx’s viewing on the bourgeoisie and the proletarians meaning he views the proletariats as the working class that work for the bourgeoisie. and as the image shows the proletariats are always below the bourgeoise. but according to marx the bourgeoisie rule and do not have to work. if they do its by choice were as like the image is showing the proletariats have to work and they are the reason that the bourgeoisie is who they are in society because without them working for the upper class to make a living there would be no bourgeoisie because the proletariats help the richer get richer.

  3. It seems to me that for Marx he only has 2 classes which are the bourgeoisie which are the rich/wealthy and the proletariat which are the working/poor people. People would like to believe that there is a middle class in today’s society but in reality there isn’t. Which the massive amount of people out of work, the economy in a depression, the taxes being raised there is no way we could have a middle class anymore. People are literally going back to college to learn a whole new profession. The average person I believe changes their job at least 7 times in their lifetime. Marx’s pyramid even though is dramatic, seems to me be truthful. Even during the Presidential debates President Obama and his running mate Romney only talked about the middle class and what they are going to do for the middle class to help them through this depression once Romney becomes President and Obama gets re-elected. It seems to me that they didn’t get the memo.

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