Blog #2 Political community: class,status,party

While reading “The Distribution of Power Within the Political Community”  the text starts off with how Marx would view this issue on power and how class position plays a key role in how much power you have.  Status, classes and political parties are all linked to your level of power. I agree with Marx in the sense that the more money you have,  the more of a say you will have (power). He saw in society that there were two main classes bourgeoisie the ones who owned means of production and proletariat the ones who sold their labor. There are more factors that can affect an individuals power in society besides which of the two classes they fall under. Weber’s views are more broad than Marx’s and show how there are other ways one can achieve power.

One of the interesting points that Weber brought up was how having economic power doesn’t necessarily mean you have status. He talked about how obtaining wealth through illegal activity is not highly respected in society. An example would be someone in the mafia who steals and commits violence acts, they may be wealthy but at the end of the day what they do is considered morally wrong by    society. Weber’s definition of class are individuals “who share life chances or possibilities that are determined by economic interests in the possession of goods and opportunities for income within the commodity and labor markets “. People are grouped into certain social classes based on the opportunities they have to achieve economic wealth . There has primarily always been some type of class structure in every society. In our society today there are opportunities for individuals to move up in society  and not be grouped into one social class their whole life. With the advancement of technology and new inventions people transition from the proletariat to the bourgeoisie class.


2 responses to “Blog #2 Political community: class,status,party

  1. i agree with this post because i feel that Webers point of view on power and class is a lot more understanding and general for people to relate to where as marx thinks one way and thats it. weber sees society as something that is abel to change and transform into what people make it to be where as Marx sees things one way. i feel that in society today there are many opportunities for people to move up into a higher class then what they were born into based not there level of achievements and wants in society. technology today has helped this generation become smarter and more eager to learn things. i feel that in society today it is now more a need then a want to move up in your class because to live you need more money which can lead you to having more power in a community.

  2. But if you think about it, doesn’t the mafia have power? They go around to honest buisnesses and force them to pay money for “protection” and they’re feared by everyone. They have the power to pay of cops, who don’t bother them. They not only have the power of money, but the power of fear, and they don’t really give a damn if others think this is morally wrong. I mean, these days mafias are getting pretty broken up, but my point is that criminals don’t care what others in society think of them and that also might be their source of power. They don;t let other members of society confine them and their journeys for POWER!!!

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