Blog #4 The Distribution of Power ; Marx and Weber

After reading the chapter on “The distribution of power within the political community”. I was able to realize the different point of views Marx and Weber have on class, status and power in a community. I agree with Marx at times because I do feel that the more money you have the more power you have in society. I think that money equals power in this world. I also feel that it is hard to move up in society from the class that you are born into. I feel that it is possible like weber says but back to what Marx would say that it’s very rare that it happens. I agree more with Webers theory on this because he has more of a general point of view on power than Marx does. Marx believes in there being two groups in a society the bourgeoisie being the rich that own the business and the proletariats who are the poor that work for the businesses and help them expand allowing the richer to become richer and the poorer to become poorer in society. Weber felt that having economic power did not always reflect a higher class or having a higher status in society. He focused on people who steal and commit violent acts in a community and how they were not respected regardless how much money they had, the power was not accessible to them because they were not respected in society. This all made him feel strongly about obtaining illegal money in this world and he felt that you were not respected nor seen as having a higher status or power in society if you worked to make illegal money. He spoke about people who steal and commit violent acts in a community to commit these illegal acts and how they were not respected regardless how much money they had. Power comes with money but it also comes with respect and how you hold your place in society. Money means power like Marx says but like Weber says your status and power can be non-existent in society once you commit an illegal act. I agree with weber that there is sometime of class structure in every society and people are placed into different classes based on there economic achievements in society. Its easier to relate to Weber because his theory on this topic is broad where as Marx’s theory i feel is limited.


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