Blog #2 Weber 10/22

Weber wants a society but had been faced with the claims of Marxism. Weber’s theory of ideal types attempts to look at social science without recourse and suggests that concrete reality can be taken in its entirety. The ideal type is just a tool, and it does not exist in reality.  Real concepts can be comparted to this ideal type to find out more about them. This is different from the Marxian method of abstraction.


One response to “Blog #2 Weber 10/22

  1. These are some deep and dense statements, W. It would be helpful to unpack them a bit and explain what you mean by phrases like “looking at social science without recourse” and [taking] “concrete reality,” “in its entirety.” It’s not clear what that means. Or the “Marxian method of abstraction”… Unpack the jargon!

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