Blog #1 View of charismatic authority

Whenever  people are running a unit or place there must always be some kind of authority. having authority will help in preventing or creating an anarchy. Weber sought for maintaining authority and effective authority relations . The 3 authorities which  he discussed play a key role in how citizens and society are viewed. Though these authorities may overlap one in which i feel is more strong i feel is charisma authority. This authority is applied to a Individuals personality and extraordinary characteristics . I think that the charismatic was found to be legitimate in times of change or in crisis by there followers . It was there mission and vision in which inspired others. It was based upon those characteristics One individual pertained that made them such the extraordinaire. Weber saw this and favored this authority and spent much more time discussing. A charismatic leader to me i feel was a person who would be the one to make a “new social movement”. It makes sense to have someone in authority who can inspire others during a time of crisis and in giving hope. Such as a religious prophet. Having such an authority figure I feel could make so much of change and making citizens feel at ease. I feel people like religious figures have visions that could have great impact. I completely agree with weber an his view on charisma.


3 responses to “Blog #1 View of charismatic authority

  1. Very good, J. You’ve got a firm grasp on the concept of charismatic authority, which is one of three *ideal types* of authority, or domination. Authorities do not “play a key role in how citizens and society are viewed.” That’s not what authority is about. Authority concerns the probability that certain specific commands (or all commands) will be obeyed by a given group of persons (e.g., citizens and society). Authority commands obedience, based on different principles: tradition, rationality, and charisma.

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