Blog 3: sand and the fog

In the movie sand and the fog the two main characters are Kathy and Berhami. Now Kathy is a single lady whose husband left her about 8 months ago and she hasn’t told her mother yet. Now she is in trouble the house that her father left to her and her brother. Kathy’s role is played more on the affective side. Kathy has no job or money. all she has left is the house and she looses that to the county.When kathy gets depressed she start drinking and smoking heavy to ease her pain. At one point in the movie she tries to committ suicide.

Another character is Berhami who is a Colonel back in his country who was forced out. He came to americs to make a living for his family. Now Berhami lives a double life or at least displays that to his family. when he is at work he wears jumpers and a hat, when he leaves work hes dressed like a business man. Berhami bought the house that belongs to Kathy and fixed it up cheaply, but there was a high profit price. Berhami is more of a traditional man. he told his son not to follow in his footsteps when he gets older.


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