Hideous Inequality Exposed by Hurricane Sandy

Can anyone guess what building that is lit up, even as the Freedom Tower stands dark?


David Rohde reports in The Atlantic that “In Manhattan, the storm revealed a city more economically divided than it has been in a decade.” Read more at The Atlantic.

Or watch his interview on Democracy Now! (11/1/2012): “Superstorm Sandy Has Exposed New York City’s ‘Hideous Inequality'”


5 responses to “Hideous Inequality Exposed by Hurricane Sandy

  1. I think it’s unfortunate that not everyone was able to get out of harms way when hurricane Sandy struck. Some people didn’t have the financial means and/or the flexibilty in their jobs to properly protect themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, this has always been the case. I believe there will always be a gap between the rich and poor.

  2. This article illustrates the inequality between social classes and how it’s gotten worse. This would be an example of Weber’s definition of class and how your represented by your economic status. Everyone was affected by this natural disaster and it is obvious that the more money you have will lead to more attainable resources. Such resources may include generators, hotel stays and eating out daily. I am currently writing this at my friends house who has power. I have been out of power for 6 days. The main similarity between these two classes of individuals during this time is that workers from other states, LiPA, and Con Edison do not go to towns based on their economic status. Am example would be towns such as Manhasset, Roslyn and Brookville that are wealthy are still without power .

  3. I thought of this article today when I was at work. I work at Crumbs Bake Shop, and a bunch of rich looking broads came in to buy a ton of cupcakes. Their bill was not small. I overheard them talking about how they’re in for a “no-gas dinner” tonight because they’re still out of power. OH, the agony. They were still dressed to impress and BUYING DAMN CUPCAKES, while there are plenty of people who can’t even afford the necessities to get through the hardships. If these ladies think cupcakes are a necessity, then god bless. I agree with the comment above me, how this situation presents status at its best. It’s about the luxuries you can afford, in the middle of a tragedy or not.

  4. It is really unfortunate that’s in a time like this that people still actually have the time to worry about the things that’s are not a neccessity . I mean not everyone is “Donald trump” not everyone is made out of money and could afford to escape such a tragedy. Hurricane sandy affected each and every one of us. Money or no money you do what’s you have to do t stay strong for yourself and your family. Yes the more money you have the more resources obviously you are going to be able to get. This article definitely represented the inequality between classes. Crazy that during all this I had no power gas no place and had work and people actually came in worrying about what makeup to purchase for the outfit to go dancing . I was like really dancing and complained about the most tedious things. If they had known that’s so many were left with nothing and here they were spending 300 dollars or more on makeup and debating if they should donate 20 dollars and a bag off canned food to hurricane sandy in the rock away .. I was aggrevated beyond!

  5. Hurricane Sandy really showed many different things how people can come together in a tragedy but also how money really does have an influence even during a tragedy. I work at a Bar/Restaurant near three hotels in Longisland City, Queens. We never closed and the cooks that had no way of getting in had to find a way. When there was no buses running the cook had to take his bike from Bronx into Queens, because he had to get to work. The night the hurricane hit all the boss said the hotels are packed we are going to be busy, David Rohde said the people working in the hotels couldn’t go home they had to continue working and so sad but absolutely the truth. The first few days after the hurricane I asked customers why they were here, 75% said they had no power. So they had the convenience of staying at the hotel. The area where I work was not hit at all . That Friday many customers were in for the marathon, that was canceled. They were frustrated and angry not because the marathon was canceled, but the way it happened. The couple I was talking to came from Canada, for the marathon, I broke the news to them uhhh, They were like thats impossible we just picked up our numbers, road runners canceled an hour later. Theyexplained we understand the devastation here but why wasn’t it canceled right away. Thats the biggest reason they were upset should of been canceled not having people from all over the world come to New yOrk canceling the last minute. My boss, pretty well off, he was having a breakdown because he couldn’t get gas for his generator and the kids would drive him crazy with no movies. I wanted to say go to Rockaway maybe you need a reality check and see whats really important. Som etchings I will never understand especially peoples thinking during a devastation like Hurricane Sandy.

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