#3.Wednesday movie note

After watching the movie clip on Wednesday  in class about if people choose their life or it’s just path there are following what i think at some point we all chose our lives but yes there are at certain point we have no choice but to go with the flow. but i have example here that most of the times we do choose how we want to live or who we become later in life. Beauty in mass media, and how it effects women. For example, you can talk about all the different modeling shows, and how women are now portrayed to be so skinny, and women all over are taking dieting pills or starving themselves to get the “perfect” body. Some even die of hunger and over-dosage of pills. What negative effects does the media have on women. Now outward beauty is so important that inner beauty does not matter. Both are important.  It seems like it’s overtaking their lives, and they block out everything around them, spend thousands of dollars on implants, and surgery.  This effects our society as a whole, and does not lead to healthy lives. so in this case this is of life style was chosen.


One response to “#3.Wednesday movie note

  1. W, are you referring to the clip from the Status Anxiety documentary? I wouldn’t characterize their framing of the problem as a question of whether people “choose” their fate or not. It’s more about how we deal with inevitable status ranking in society, how the pursuit and achievement of “high” status comes with a lot of anxiety and unhappiness, and how supposedly “high status” people are often very shallow, venal and miserable.

    I’ve noticed a lot of attention to how the “media” affects women, especially with respect to self-image and satisfaction with physical appearance and how this links with psychological and health problems such as eating disorders. An important point to remember here is that virtually all women are exposed to (airbrushed, unrealistic) media images of female beauty, but not all women react by comparing themselves negatively against them, and ever fewer develop eating disorders. The key is to find out what distinguishes these groups.

    Your wide-ranging post covers a lot of ground that is theorized by theorists we’re reading in the class. Try to link your posts to the readings, the theoretical concepts and sociological issues from the class.

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