Blog # 3 Gilman on gender inequality

            Charlotte Gilman saw women as economic factors in society. Women according to the United Nations in 1980 contributed half the worlds population,encountered two-thirds of the nations work, earned one-tenth of the nations annual income, and owned 100 percent of the world’s property which was amazing. Over the past 30 years in our society there has not been any significant difference about this factor. In the United States, a large proportion about economic gender inequalities continue:the United States Department of Labor analysis that in 2000 American women earned just about 77 percent of what men did with similar education and other factors earned. On the other hand, this was not the case in the nineteenth century, when women were just dedicated to taking care of children. Women did not have the privledge to own property or even vote, which placed them in a disadvantage position. Also in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, American and European women were not only restricted from owning property or voting, but they were also denied authority to obtain higher education. Thus, despite the absence of inequality, since the beginning of the 1800’s a significant portion of self-portraying women had accomplished scholarly work, which impacted society at large.


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