BLOG #4: The Yellow Wallpaper analysis

I would like to first state that personally I love to read, and listen to clips or movies that focus on the relationship beween men and women in diverse eras. I find these to be very intruiging because they are subtle. This women is clearly depicted as someone who is out of her mind. She listens and feels things that are not there. Yet in that era women really felt things that were not there. There feelings were ignored by men, and the way they were dehumanized by men was always justified by “men knowig what is always best for women.” Trophy wives were the norm. Women were only objects that determined the social influence her husband had. What is surprising is that women were put “in there place” by other women just like them. In this clip her sister in law named Jane, also treated her as if she were insane. Ironically the only insane one was Jane because she internalized those feelings of inferiority to the point where she put other women down as well. Women were haunted by their own thoughts. Could they run away from this society? It was IMPOSSIBLE. You were born into it and you could not get out. Sometimes I look around in our own society and I think that women are equal just like every men out there, but could this really be true? or have we been dehumanized through other subtle ways that are emphasized by women today? Maybe the inequality that does exist today just haunts us so much we choose to ignore it. I think that the women in this clip came to realize who she really was in society and that is what haunted her. The Yellow wallpaper symbolized society as a whole. He was a doctor and he felt in control; this society has power and also controls every one of our actions even if we are OBLIVIOUS to that reality.


2 responses to “BLOG #4: The Yellow Wallpaper analysis

  1. as i watched this clip on the yellow wallpaper i kind of felt lost at first until the woman got into depth with how she felt. i feel that she was lonely and kind of lost in her own life, not feeling as if she new who she was. she seemed like she was confused about who she was or wanted to be, although i agree with the blog above because it seemed as if she really at the end of the day knew who she was in society but what confused her was just that, “knowing who she really was and what she wanted “. back then woman were haunted by there own thought and opinions on life. they felt they had no rights or as if they had no importance. her husband made her feel more confused and lost with who she was or wanted to be in life. she did seem insane by taking to the walls but i feel she felt as if it was her only escape from society to feel normal. i agree that woman were born into these types of situations because woman during this time frame had no significance. they were objects in society that was categorized by whom their husband was or what he did for a living. It seemed that during this time frame with out men woman felt useless and not worthy of anything. society does control our actions and who we are reflects on society in every way. the two women seemed to criticize one another to bring there self esteem up while putting the others down especially jane. i agree that this clip of the yellow wallpaper displayed the situations of gender inequalities during this time period.

  2. Brilliant post!

    Incisive point about women’s own involvement in their collective subordination. It reminded me of this piece I saw posted around FB a few weeks back, “Why Women Are Mean to Other Women”:

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