Blog #1 Gilman

Gilman’s explanation on women and mens division of labor shows how women were degraded. Inequality seemed to lye in the unconscious mind of many. Long ago women were very dependent pf men as Gilman explains. Dependent referring to relying on their husbands money and their status. In other words, the more money the husband had the better the status the husband and wife maintained. Women, let alone girls becoming a woman, were told to marry a wealthy man. This encouragement was one of the leading factors to inequality amongst men and women. Therefore men felt superior to women and felt in demand for everything. 

Gilmans strong belief about woman’s inequality, likewise to many others belief didnt change the fact that women were and still are fighting for their rights. This can be proven simply by looking at where women stand in society today. Hard dedication, numerous obstacles and encounters paid off for women rights. In todays society, women can attain a job, let alone career, that some may stereotypically believe is only for males. In addition, women can aquire their own status because of who they are and where they stan in the economy.


One response to “Blog #1 Gilman

  1. K, Good overview of Gilman’s ideas on gender inequality. Your application of her critique to current conditions is right on point. There seems to be decent evidence of a shift in the determinants of a women’s status in society — it appears that today women’s status is significantly less dependent on the status of her closest male relative (husband, father). This has a lot do with political and legislative changes that have occurred since Gilman’s time — growing equality in women’s (wives’, mothers’) property rights, expansion of a social safety net, etc.

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