Gilman’s ideas on gender inequality

Reading Gilman’s works on women’s dependence on men due to economic circumstances and a women’s position in the home explained to me that women were very limited and vunerable to specific duties. Over the decades as women have transformed into independent proud career setters deters from what men want a women to do. Women use to be compared to live stock sold for a price. Now and days if you find a women who stays home and does the house cleaning etc, usually have a good spouse provider. Women have came to far.


2 responses to “Gilman’s ideas on gender inequality

  1. Yes women truly have come a far way. Today they are more educated and have set much higher goals for themselves other then having kids and being house wives. I feel this was a great change that was long over due. Today we see the full potential of a women other than that of what it was seen as in the past. They are capable of so much and it is proven with things such as the amount of women in colleges today compared to the ratio of men. Slowly but surely the change came and now all that is needed is equal pay for both genders. Last I read an article there is a difference of few cents between what a man can make compared to a women.

  2. Milestones have been passed ! We had Hilary Clinton run for president, something many of us never even dreamed of because at the time is was so absurd. We have so many successful females that are paving a new wave for the upcoming generations, like Oprah, Ellen, Trya Banks, and to a lesser extent Nicki Manaj. Things are changing but for some odd reason the pay rate of a females never seems to match that of a mans. I guess only time will tell what will happen but Kudos to Women !

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