Marriage in today’s society plays a major role in children upbringings. In class we watched an eposide from Tara Banks Show, it was truely sad to hear little girls all of 8 years old talk about when they get married they are going to marry a man for his money. In todays society young women are more encouraged to earn they own living, strive for education and marry only for love. Money comes and goess and so will the men you marry down the line if you are only looking for money. down the line women and children will learn to understand money will NOT buy happiness it can only buy a limited amount of your time. Teach the children of the future what the real reason are behind marriage and not money.


2 responses to “Marriage

  1. I agree with this post. The segment we watched in class from the Tyra Banks Show was interesting because it shows how society has evolved. Women were always technically told to marry into rich families although in past they had marriages arranged by their parents who were of high status but the only difference was that most of this marriages were known to be mainly for financial advancement. Today women are deceiving men by manipulating them into thinking they love their husband when the only thing they love about him is his money. This completely corrupts the institution of marriage and turns it into something less sacred.

  2. Marriage has changed as whole in general. Our grandparents and parents had to stay together divorce wasn’t an option. I overheard a conversation that the reason for increase in divorce and affairs well because women do have careers now , aren’t home with the children, and don’t need the man. Aside from that my parents would like for me to marry a doctor a lawyer so “I Have an Easier life” not like mine, my mom would say. I think all parents always want us to marry someone with a good job and well money, but love and happiness need to be also. Many people marry for love and how many times does that end also. In the movie House of Sand …. the opening he is marrying off his daughter to a wealthy man, that was his dream even though he led a “fake” life. We see this all the time you want a better life for your children but happiness and love is more important to some. Teaching a 8yr old to marry for money is just wrong, I thought at 8yrs old the only money I wanted was enough to buy me an ice cream after school . Society is just changing way to fast and people are losing the values and morals they were brought up with.

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