The yellow wallpaper

As a women being confined or limited to space  and not being able to work goes as a disgrace for women who try and earn their own and have accomplished many things. The way women explored the earth to reach the rights they deserve now is incredible. Long time ago women were treated like little disciplined girls who do as they told and not as they please. In those days women took care of the house, cleaned, cooked and mind children. Forbidden not to have freedom. The Yellow wallpaper that was in the confined room began to feel warm as she became part of it.


2 responses to “The yellow wallpaper

  1. E, there are many intriguing observations and thoughts packed into this brief post, a lot worth unpacking and clarifying. For example, the final sentence: “The Yellow wallpaper that was in the confined room began to feel warm as she became part of it.” More careful description of this complex experience/process would be be helpful here. To most readers, it will sound pretty strange — wallpaper becoming warm, becoming part of wallpaper…why does it get warm? Also, “Forbidden not to have freedom” — is that double-negative intentional? As a description of the status of women a “long time ago,”Forbidden to have freedom” makes sense; the other way is confusing.

  2. The audio was interesting, there was much more to the audio then the wallpaper. When i heard the title i didn’t care too much about it hearing it but boy was i wrong. It is about how the main character was confined in a room where she was able to do nothing. This is a indirect way of showing how much power she actually had in the household where she couldn’t even decide what to do. The mental state of the lady becomes so serious that she starts thinking there is a lady within the wallpaper.

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