Blog # 3 Simmel on Society

Georg Simmel described the concept of society as determining the behavior attitudes and interests of individuals. The main idea of society was that it was an interaction between individuals and groups. In his work he describes society as a duality in terms of the fact that it exists to determine a person’s individuality. This can be seen through fashion ,people use fashion as an outlet for expression of themselves. People strive to be individuals and different from everyone else but they also strive to maintain a certain level of acceptance in society. People get their ideas of fashion through media exposure and what they see in everyday life. Simmel refers to society as “a structure which consists of beings who stand inside and outside of it at the same time”. In other words your expression is meant to satisfy your own interest,desires, and beliefs as well as those of others. This can be seen through political affiliation where people classify themselves as being part of one specific political party. This party voices their own personal opinions and beliefs and they consider themselves part of this group. As result they are both inside and outside at the same time according to Simmel’s sociological ideas.


One response to “Blog # 3 Simmel on Society

  1. Nice summary of Simmel’s key ideas on society. He devoted a lot attention of “group affiliation” — he even uses this as way to distinguish between premodern and modern societies. He sees the multiplicity and overlapping quality of our group affiliations as key aspect of modern life.

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