Blog #5 Women In Our Society Today

In the United States, statistics show that 25% fewer men than women graduated college which shows improvement to the percentage of women that graduated college fifty years ago.By earning a college degree women are preparing themselves for their future and not seeking that economic dependence on a man. Gilman discussed that “traditional labor  is rooted in patriarchy”, with men having authority over rules in a social organization.  This is still true today unfortunately, but according to Forbes there are 20 female CEO’s (4%)that run some of the biggest companies in the country ranging from IBM to Campbell’s Soup.

After seeing the clip in class from Tyra Banks’s talk show, I was appalled by what some mother’s taught their young girls. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can raise their child to what they see as fit. One of the mother’s telling her young daughter who was around 8 years old, that she should find a husband that has a lot of money. Views like this are a step backwards today in our society, and further widening the gap in gender inequality that the majority of women are trying to close. It was a relief to see other mother’s on the show that were instilling good morals into their daughters and that they should get an education to support themselves and marry for love.


One response to “Blog #5 Women In Our Society Today

  1. I find it very problematic that the percentage of men in colleges has significantly decreased from what it used to be. If men are the breadwinners according to Gilman, how are they supposed to achieve this without a college education. I completely understand that today the world is much different and women are making great progress in terms of contributing to society and being something other than a housewife, but i also feel like men are putting a little more pressure on women to be financial providers for the family as well as providers of childcare and housework.In today’s economy, it is very difficult to provide for a family working a job that was not a result of your educational attainment. In my opinion, men have become lazy and are less driven to succeed than they used to be. Women are much more independent than they used to be so they will no doubt be able to contribute to the expenses of providing for a family but they need the help of their counterpart to ensure the best life for their families.

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