Blog 2: Would you marry for money or love?

After watching the video in class from the Tyra show I am shocked that some women teach their little seven year olds that they should marry for money. Money isn’t always going to be able to fix everything. Yes, you might be able to buy anything that you wish for but money does not always buy happiness. Love will always be there with you and you should treat people the way you want to be treated. If you had money, you wouldn’t want someone just to marry you because you were rich. You should do the same if you wouldn’t like it if you were in the other person’s shoes. The part that disguested me was when one of the mothers said that if a boy can give her daughter a cookie, she is set. That is just plain wrong. They are children and she should be able to be friends with him whether he can give her a cookie or not. Money doesn’t last forever, but love will always. Another part that made me sick was when someone’s wife plain out told her ex husband that she married him for money and once he lost his job and all the money he had she divorced him. That is when he needed her and she just left him. That is just plain awful. Marry for Love, that person will stick by your side no matter what happens in life.


One response to “Blog 2: Would you marry for money or love?

  1. I agree with you, I can not believe some mothers teach their children such pitiful morals and values. What is even more shocking is they teach them all this at such an early age ! I mean to a certain extent money is important but should not be valued over love. Money can buy a lot of things but not love and a perfect example was that lady that left her husband because he was no longer rich, she was under the impression she’d end up loving him sooner or later. I would marry for love because love is one thing you can not put a price on and things that are priceless are valued higher to me then items bought with cold cash.

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