Blog 1: Money or Love !

While watching the YouTube clip of the Tyra Banks Show in class I was completely shocked and disappointed. I say shocked because the age of these girls is to be playing with dolls and other girls there age. But they are instead learning about finding men who are of certain standards. I was disappointed in those mothers were leading there little girls down the wrong road and ruining there innocent childhood with the wrong ideas about what getting married is truly about.  I feel as though today woman have got so far in the world and for these women to be thinking and relying on the idea that a man should only be solely a provider is wrong. When making the decision to get married yes resources are important but should not be the sole purpose of getting married. Marriage is considered to be a sacred bond of love in good times and bad. The mentality of these girls truly defeats that purpose. Instead of teaching them to go far guys which have a certain amount of money to show for who they are they should instead teach the girls the value of love and what it means to be in love. Money comes and goes and at the end of the day money cant buy you happiness.


One response to “Blog 1: Money or Love !

  1. It was so sad when the little boy wanted to give the girl a teddy bear and she said the teddy bear wasn’t cute enough she turned him down. These girls are six and seven years old. Why are they worrying about marriage right now? Why can’t they just be friends with each other and enjoy their childhood? Their mothers are brain-washing them and it is quite sad.

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