Blog #2 marry for love or money?

After watching the you tube clip of Tyra I didn’t think that it really was that’s bad. I cant believe how many mothers out there actually instill in there daughters that To always look for money and marry for money. Did we all forget the sacredness of marriage? I know that in society today money and power go hand and hand, but it isn’t everything. Money does help but it cannot buy you happiness forever. It is just paper. These mothers have given the wrong idea to there daughters when it comes to marriage. I mean it is important to have a partner who is financially stable and that can be a provider And work with you. After all marriage is a team. Whatever happened to love conquering all ?.. It was nice for a change to see some of the mothers teaching there daughters the value of stability and how important it is but to at least meet someone you like.i would rather be happy and in love then have millions of dollars and feel no connections whatsoever to the person by my side. When the onemothersaid that she left him after he lost all iris money I felt how cold hearted and selfish could you be? It makes me sick to see some people really are like this in the world today and it is unfortunate. I hope these young girls whom are being raised in such a manner sooner or later wake up and realize that without love you don’t shave everything money always will come and go .hopefully they see that’s the value of a dollar means more when you know you have worked hard for An and to marry for love not money. Love does conquer all.


3 responses to “Blog #2 marry for love or money?

  1. These mothers are given their daughters the wrong idea. And I also hope that these daughters wake up and realize money isn’t going to solve a lot of things. You might be able to buy expensive stuff and have a nice house, but love is what makes you who you are. You need to be loved in order to be who you are today. I completely agree with everything you are saying.

  2. Indeed!People should realize that money doesn’t satisfy your happiness in a marriage. Money can be here today and gone tomorrow, as it is not guaranteed to have forever. As long as your spouse is stable,that is all that has to matter.

  3. money does come and go, but in a society now, money really does seem to outweigh love for some. even all these housewives reality shows they all have money an most are divorced. Money doesn’t buy true happiness but for some maybe they just don’t need that true happiness of love, and money can and does buy them their happiness.

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