Blog #2: Money or Love

When watching the Tyra banks video on money or love it made me realize how ignorant people can be in this world.  Some of the mothers who were cast in the show strongly felt that their daughters should marry for money over love and claimed that they wanted to raise their daughters as independent women. However, I see nothing independent about a woman that seeks a man, let alone marriage for financial benefits. These particular women that speak of bringing up their daughters as independent woman only contradict themselves. In contrast to those women, other mother’s on the Tyra show spoke about their beliefs and parenting on their daughters. These mothers stated how they continue to teach their daughters to seek for love rather than money while being independent. One thing I noticed while each of the mothers gave their explanations of their beliefs, is that some of the daughters backed up what their mothers would say. For instance, there was this one particular girl and mother who said marriage is about love because money can be here today and gone tomorrow. I completely agree with this analogy, although love can also go away like money. However, I strongly feel that when seeking for a man just for their money will in some way eventually have negative outcomes. For example, in the show there was a man and woman who were recently divorced because the woman decided to leave the man after he ran out of money. In addition, this man and woman had a child involved and this goes to show how badly it will affect the child. Today in society, people need to realize who they are, what they want, and where they stand. People need to stop being selfish and only think for themselves in this case. The ex couple in the tyra show bothered me the most due to the fact that there was a child involved. It demonstrates how poorly this woman thinks of herself and everything around her. In my opinion love and money is important, however, I believe that love can always overcome money.



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