Blog #4 Caribbean Fashion Week

The video on Caribbean Fashion week show the trends that are currently taking place in Jamaica. A major trend in Jamaica is the very illegal and very dangerous is the skin bleaching process. Both women and men are obsessed with lightening their skin pigment to make them go from “black” to “brown”. Some even go to the extreme to make themselves be close to white. Musical influences in Jamaica have promoted this idea and people have began to follow because they think that skin bleaching makes them look more beautiful and appealing to the opposite sex. They have adopted this concept from Americans by seeing that their skin is naturally of lighter color, as a result they want to be like the American people. Women in Jamaica who were interviewed said they wanted to look like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj who both have lighter complexions and curvacious bodies. The skin bleaching processes has also become a matter of economics and education where people in the lower class in Jamaica are skin bleaching as a way to move themselves up financially. Mostly women who are poor feel that once they bleach their skin they will meet someone of higher status normally would have not even talk to them because their skin was too dark and considered unattractive. There is also a lot of ignorance attached with this process because even though the people of Jamaica are told that skin bleaching is harmful to their health and could cause cancer, many people do not care and continue to do it because they are so focused on being part of the fashion world and being able to do better for themselves by getting more attention and meeting new people. Simmel would say that people are trying to individualize themselves from others while trying to fit in with everyone else around them, This process of skin bleaching directly relates to Simmel’s sociological approach to fashion which describes fashion as permitting social mobility for those from lower classes. 


4 responses to “Blog #4 Caribbean Fashion Week

  1. I remember watching an episode on the Tyra banks show about African Americans bleaching their skin to become a lighter tone. At first I didnt see or believe in any danger that can come from bleaching, but after watching this video in addition to the Tyra banks video, I learned the dangers of this. In the Tyra banks show, not only were woman bleaching their skin, but they were also bleaching the skin of their children. Sometimes it takes watching innocent children like the ones on the show being put in danger to actually realize the actual danger bleaching poses.

  2. Skin bleaching is just one example of how people have become so obsessed with fashion and current trends that they would to extreme lengths to be part it. But what happens when this trend has faded out and people have moved onto something new? The long term health effects will be something that these people will have to deal with for the rest of their life, all because they wanted to be socially accepted at a certain point in time.

  3. Its really sicknening that people think its okay to bleach their skin. God made you the way you are for a reason and I believe that you should leave yourself how you are. You don’t need to change anything about anyone. As long as you are comfortable with yourself that is all that matters. People are just going to keep on doing it until they are happy with their appearance because they want to be accepted when they believe they are not.

  4. It is really disturbing to me to hear that these individuals are bleaching their skin, just because they want to be apart of a “fashion world”. People are not understanding the harm that this is causing to their bodies and their health in general. I think that these individuals should try to be like themselves, and not like the icons in the music industry because they are risking their lives this way.

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