Gilman and Gender Inequality blog #3

“The labor of women in the house, certainly, enables men to Produce more than they otherwise could; and in this way women are economic factors in society…”(Gilman) Without women, men would be no where close to pursuing or reaching their goals in careers. Comparing the stay at home mom to almost Marx theory production of his labour, the more the “stay at home” works around the house and takes care of the children the “husband/breadwinner” therefore enabling the man to pursue his widely interests. The comparison of Marx and Gilman from capitalist gain to gender inequality is quite significant. Labor theory of value how much time is put into, “raising a child”, surplus value is difference between what workers earn for their labor and price, value goods they produce. One website explained the stay at home worth. Base salary 40hrs $37,022 overtime 54.7 hrs = $75,941 =$112,962 isn’t that crazy, but it’s true mothers job ranges from cook, housekeeper, laundry, carpool, psychologist etc. “human labour is thus the one commodity that is exchanged for it’s value while being capable of producing more than it’s value”. (pg66 Marx) Even to this day many argue what the true value of a stay at home mom really is to some Priceless.


3 responses to “Gilman and Gender Inequality blog #3

  1. I agree that stay at home mom’s make valuable contributions to the family dynamic because their labor is unpaid and they provide a wide array of services for their children, eliminating the expense of paying for childcare services. Stay at home mom’s are much harder to find these days since the economy has required a dual income in order to support the average American family. Although over the past decade we have seen the growing trend of stay a home dad’s, this gender role reversal would most definitely cause controversy for many sociologist such as Marx and Gilman.

  2. I was watching a talk show and they happen to be talking about how women are taking over the work force. More women are graduating at of college, and an interesting fact is that more women are being rehired as opposed to the men, and the importance of independence for women is the main reason for these great accomplishments. One host said its like the men are become the women know, even when it comes to certain wants in a relationship. Seems that everyday roles of husband/wife are reversing.

  3. I definitely agree that stay at home mothers enable their husbands to achieve their goals in their careers. When men are single, they have to worry about all of the household chores and caring for their children on top of having a career. By having a wife that takes care of all those responsibilites for them, men have more freedom to pursue what they want in their careers. I think what Gilman said about the “labor of women in the house enabling men to produce more than they otherwise could” is still relevant in today’s society.

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