Blog 3: fashion norm gone to far

Has fashion. Gone too far? Watching the YouTube video I couldn’t believe some of the extreme levels many took. How fashion has emerged the media enforces and pushes for everyone to look alike. It is how simmel described fashion and the city. The city intensifies pushing fashion forward which allows individuals to be expressive. But when is it too much? When it gets to surgery too just look a certain way yo almost have to stop and ask yourself is it worth it ? Like most fashion and in any fashion it is always changing. Hence fashion does move in circles, but i cant recall hen physical appearances became the mode. What might be the mode today in a couple months may not be. Fashion ranges to all extremes but when it comes to changing your physical appearance and structure it isn’t fashion anymore I think It is more of just the norm in that society/city it is how simmel said it is a” form of free interaction a world  without friction and conflict”. For many i think just choose this way of living because it the one place thats everyone is one. the society is a whole . Fashion is chosen not because they live or love it only but because it becmes the norm. i justtfeel you shouldnt have to change your appearance with surgery to  be one of the group. its unnatural its unreal.


2 responses to “Blog 3: fashion norm gone to far

  1. I completely agree with the part that you say that our appearance becomes unnatural and unreal after getting surgery done. I feel a person who changes how they look go against what society should really accept. We were born looking and being a certain way, there is no reason to change it.

  2. I completely agree with your statement about fashion becoming a norm, as opposed to a way of describing yourself. It is sad to observe how society has constantly influenced all of us to feel and act a certain way. I always thought this was a western problem, but after seeing the fashion week video, it has become a global problem. What is considered to be attractive may very well mean the death of someone that tries to achieve that look by any necessary means. Thiness is considered beautiful, and that is just fine, but if you are not eating at all just to achieve that look, THAT is not fine. It is interesting how Simmel describes THE STRANGER as an individual who is a stranger to his own society, even though they may seem as though they are a part of it. That statement is ironic because you might be a stranger due to the way you act, but from an outsiders perspective you are equal to everyone in that society because of they way you dress or look like.

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