Blog 2 : Fashion around the world !

Although we consider fashion a way of expressing ourselves, I feel as though people have taken it to the extreme. In the process to become something that is socially more accepted and admired people have started to lose their identity and who they are. In the example of the video young girls having double eyelid surgery. For them fashion seems to have become a obsession to look perfect. Its all about becoming more and looking more western. That starts from the facial features. I personally think that the way there features are is perfectly fine. Its what defines them and who they are. Why lose your identity to become something your not? . Having all these surgeries for them is so common now that it has started to become a trend to get things of that sort as graduation gifts. I am horrified at the thought that the parents are encouraging to there daughter to go under the knife or take these injections to change the way they look. Its one thing to be influenced by the media, peer groups, or even society. But to know that the parents are involved a well is alarming. Fashion to be clothes and makeup and being able to show people your personality through your physical attire. With times the meaning behind that concept has changed as well.


3 responses to “Blog 2 : Fashion around the world !

  1. I feel that having the double eyelid surgery was ridiculous, that just goes right into the girls’ self esteem issues. They feel this surgery will make them perfect! After they have the surgery, they won’t have the same identity as they did before, you can’t get that back. In the asian culture they were given those eyelids and they want to change it, why to be more western? To us Americans it sounds absurd, but lets think about how many people find something wrong whether its their nose, or their lips, etc. The fashion is not so much about clothing anymore. Your so right!

  2. Extreme doesn’t sum it all up, it is absurd and just down right ridiculous. I agree with your statement about the parents, how can a parent support their children to change who they are? Just like a car is given to a girl on her sixteenth birthday in the U.S. a girl in this part of asia is given a surgery. It is one thing if there is a couple of people who are doing this but this seems to be more of a lifestyle, and towards the end of the video we heard the girl moaning in pain, it was very disturbing. This seems to be an addiction similar to one with some sort of drug. And sadly if you are one of the people who do not get the surgery done you are considered the minority, funny how the roles in this society filled flopped.

  3. Losing their self identity is completely right as you stated of these people who conform themselves with extreme changes. These girls don’t realize that by following others beyond limits destructs the character they once were. I’m not saying all fall under the category of losing their self identity, but most girls, especially young teens fall for what society links fashion and perfection.

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