Blog 1: The world of Fashion

Although fashion is a big part of everyone’s  life from going to school to going out on date. It can be inspired by common styles of a society’s culture, color and expression. fashion is the art of  one’s dressing  and can demonstrate an individual personality and likes.  However,  in the “Seoul fashion week of Korea “ shows Korea’s  fashion in the society is very different from each other and still they all similar . Many of people who were interviewed on camera all dressed and expressed differently.  However, they all didn’t  have a moral of why did that ?  or the way their wanted to change their appearance. Majority of the Korea’s people , just tried copying the western styles and looks  instead of making “art  of fashion” the way their wanted.For instance, the lady that was undergoing plastic surgery was unhappy the way she looked. Thus, the lady tried  plastic surgeries to look more similar like western people. But, why ?… because, many people of korea is brain washed by the media and the western world, thinking the way their look is not the right way for them.  Even though, they are very beautiful people  without the surgeries, many people will still go out of their way  to look the look they think is beautiful. But well in this case the fashion week in Korea seems to be  “ beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. And the art of fashion to them is the western style.


One response to “Blog 1: The world of Fashion

  1. It is important to realize that fashion takes place all around the world. The video on fashion actually demonstrated and showed us many interview of people around the world. We had a sense of what these people believed fashion was all about. You are right when mentioning that people go beyond limits and do surgery on themselves when they are unhappy with themselves. Brain washed is the correct term to use for many of these people that cant help to realize that looks and fashion is not what defines you. I believe that how you behave in society defines who you are.

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