simmel on fashion

In traditional settings, fashion would not have such a significant weight. However, since individuals tend to detach themselves from “traditional” factors anchors, this is where simmel discusses fashion. Simmel believes that class has a major effect on who wears what according to the class hierarchy. Fashion is visible and an easily symbol of class position. The lower classes set out to imitate those in the upper class that makes the upper class seek out an alternative form of fashion in order to maintain and express their distinctiveness.

I do think it is unjust to judge someone solely on the their appearance, however, humans are very visual and even if you try to block it out, fashion is the first impression of the person. Nowadays, it is difficult to distinguish upper class from lower class in many situations unless you look at the label of the clothing. Many expensive designer clothing look like rags and though it is “upper-class clothing” it does not pass as it. Lower class stores may carry cloths that look resemble high fashion cloths at a lower price. So it may be hard to distinguish whose whom and this illusion can blur the class hierarchy.


3 responses to “simmel on fashion

  1. I completely agree with you! I feel that no matter what we can try to block fashion out and not care about how we look, but it comes naturally, girls try to fix their hair or makeup every chance they get because they want to look good. The label of clothing plays a very important role, the way people portray what class your in is perceived through your clothing. People can tell your in the upper class when you are wearing juicy and gucci and louis vuitton. Some jeans are very expensive but look like they’re worth nothing now a days!

  2. Fashion varies on different reasons and situations. Like you mentioned on your post, it is due to different classes. This is true because people in different classes dress or appear in different ways than the other classes. For instance, people who are wealthy feel the need to look and behave a certain way as oppose to those with no money really dont care about how they look. Of course we have to take into account if its that these people dont care about how they look or is it because they cant afford to look any other way. But then we can say this about the people with money, is it that they really care about how they look, or does the money pressure them into fitting in when fitting in is not all that necessary.

  3. Its so true that the clothes a person wears can automatically give you an idea of a person has money or not. Thats why so many people buy imitation, can’t afford the real thing but just the idea of having it. Ugggz are almost $200.00 but almost everyone has them, a girl in class even mentioned that when you don’t see the uggs logo on the boots you know right away they are fake. Then there are shirts that look exactly alike, but because one label says a popular designer thats what makes the shirt. Crazy

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