Blog 5 :BBC News interview with writer Darcus Howe !

This video clip was both disturbing and sad. The riots were hard to watch and shocking. I felt like humanity came to and end. People were acting like savages. Although there cause was just there way of reacting and rebelling was wrong. It was mentioned in the video how the cops are also someones mom or dad, yet they continue to beat them . Yes the cops can be wrong and sometimes unreasonable but they are just doing there job. Not all the time is the stop and frisk policy needed to be implemented and yes they do abuse there power which they get once they put on there uniform. But I mean there is a way of handling situations and in this case both sides were wrong. I mean if the whole world started solving there problem using riots then where would we all end up and what would happen to humanity. Yes the government can be wrong but sometimes being the bigger person and handling the situation looks better than doing acts such as these and proving that yes people can be easily manipulated.


3 responses to “Blog 5 :BBC News interview with writer Darcus Howe !

  1. Riots are terrible to watch. Cops abuse their rights and I feel like it is not right how they treat people. They are people too and if the roles were switched they wouldn’t want to get treated the way they are treating the people.

  2. The cops out of the U.S. Seem to be more corrupt maybe. But those riots that’s insanity. These people were destroying their own neighborhood, and what does stealing have to do with proving something to cops. The looters were stealing from innocent people , residential homes burnt down. That was just ridiculous. If there target was the cops or government the damage caused was horrendous. I got so mad watching that. Imagine owning a small business and these people wrecking it, stealing, and I probably agree with why their angry, but those actions taken are unfortunate and disgusting.

  3. I completely agree with Izabela. These riots were said to be done to achieve a cause; yet it was obviously much more than that. Innocent people were getting their homes and cars burned and their businesses robbed and vandalized. If your joining up for a cause shouldn’t you be helping yourselves instead of hurting those who are as helpless as you? The actions of these people were ill-advised and totally disgusting.

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