Blog #2 Fashion

Ever since I was a young boy my parents especially my mother stressed how important it was that I dress well. I don’t know if it was a cultural thing since I was first generation Dominican/American. It was so bad that I could not leave the house if I wasn’t clean and neat. My mother would say “I’m not going to let anyone say my child is a mess or dirty”(in Spanish). My father was a prime example till this day since all he owns in his closets are suits, ties, and suits with a few pairs of jeans. A day doesn’t go by that hes not looking his best. This has translated to my adult life. When it comes to my social life and work life I always dress my best and get my haircut every 2-3 weeks. In school I just want ti be as comfortable as possible since most days I have to sit in a room for three hours. What I saw in the Video about fashion in Korea was shocking and amusing. Here in the U.S we would call a lot of the people in the video posers. For example the man who was dressed like a punk when interviewed said that he dress that way because that was his fashion. The “Punk” movement was so much more than just fashion it was an outlet for people he didn’t want to conform to social norms and rules. Their music expressed their anger with authority, to say that your just mimicking the look just to be fashionable steps on the meaning behind the movement and its history. It was really sad to see the lengths the Korean women were going through to get the “western” look. To have your body go through so many surgeries just to slightly change your appearance  can’t be healthy. No matter how many surgeries you get you can’t change your ethnicity. In New York we celibate each others differences and embrace them while in Korea they want to change themselves completely. They are left with a paradox striving to change their look to something that can never be achieved no matter how many surgeries they get.


One response to “Blog #2 Fashion

  1. I agree for the most part, the one thing I disagree with is that the man dressed in punk wasn’t a poser, simply because if you noticed how everyone else was dressed he was the odd one out. Fashion in their eyes and many peoples eyes is standing out, and he did that. However, here in America that man would definetly be considered a poser.

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